Cape Cod Wahines wind, wave, and kitesurfing



How the movement got started

In 2004, after having two children, Kay Slater wanted to get back on the water. She was hoping to get her husband and kids to Vela Resort in Aruba to kick start the process, but couldn’t manage it due to scheduling conflicts and the cost of the trip. Undaunted, Kay searched for a way to fulfill her passion for water board sports here on Cape Cod. After some research Kay discovered Petra Kanz, a New Jersey based wind and kitesurf trainer who specialized in training women. Kay asked Petra to come to Cape Cod to give her private lessons (extravagant perhaps, but less costly than Aruba!).

Since, sailing is always more fun with friends, Kay got five women friends, including Desiree Moyer, to join her. It was so much fun and everyone learned so much Kay and Desiree decided to do it again in the fall – thus giving birth to the Cape Cod Wind Wahine’s first Windsurf Clinic! However, after only a couple of months and one event, the Wahines didn’t want to feel limited by their name. They wanted to do more than windsurf: they wanted to wave surf and kitesurf, too! So, they changed their name to reflect that! That’s when they became the Cape Cod Wahines.