Cape Cod Wahines wind, wave, and kitesurfing

Spring fever

Desiree Moyer, kite, wave, and windsurfing wahine

Kristen and Des

Yeah, yeah, you know my opinion about winter surfing — that it rules, of course. But on Sunday [April 25], spring fever gave me a call and I answered.

After working all morning and early afternoon and taking time out for a short hike with a few of my water buds, I decided that it had been way too long since my last surf sesh. And since it was an unseasonably warm, sunny day on Cape Cod and the waves were nice and glassy, I decided that work could wait til evening.

Spring fever group

So I hit the beach instead! Standing on the beach, sizing up the waves and trying to locate my buds on the water, I noticed something very unusual. I thought, ALL the surfers at Coast Guard Beach this fine afternoon are girls! All nine of us! I was thinking to myself, but Coast Guard is such a popular beach…where are all the boys?

I paddled out with a big smile on my face, thru the break, and out to my 12-year-old friend Kristen to say hi and meet her friends, Jean and Jenny. We caught wave after wave giggling and cheering each other on.


By the time I got off the water I was on such a high from thinking how great it was to be out on the water for a couple of hours sharing the stoke with a bunch of Wahines. Not that boys aren’t fun to surf with, but, ya know… woo hoo!

On my ride home, I decided that work could wait til tomorrow….