Cape Cod Wahines wind, wave, and kitesurfing

Why Ski When You Can Surf?

Desiree Moyer, kite, wave, and windsurfing wahine


“Wow, are you crazy or addicted…or both?!” Folks say that to me as I grab my board and run to the water. Ahhh, winter surfing! To me, off-season surfing just plain ROCKS. With the right gear and a light wind, a sunny, 40 degree day with waist high waves can be a real treat to shake off those winter blues.

The right gear would be a 6 mm wetsuit with attached hood, 7 mm mittens, 7 mm booties and an energy bar to start generating a lil’ heat. Of course even with the right gear, I try to keep my face outta the 35 degree water and certainly don’t want to get ‘washed thru’ as that will significantly shorten my sesh. But if I do start to get a little chilled, all I really gotta do is paddle a little to get the blood flowin’.

There are lotsa great reasons to take the plunge into winter surfing. Besides the free parking and no seaweed, there are no crowds! Just me and a few friends catching wave after wave and sharing the stoke….

So next time you catch yourself thinking, “no way can I surf when I am cold just standing outside,” instead why not grab the right gear, join us, then judge? Or not. That just means more waves for me!

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