Cape Cod Wahines wind, wave, and kitesurfing

Wind, waves, and friends

Cathleen Creedon , kite, wave, and windsurfing wahine

Pinky, Gail, Cathleen

For the past 15 years, I have lived on the Cape – and thanks to my husband, Matt, who is the reason I am here, I was introduced to water sports.  I had always summered on the Cape and loved it here and felt a remarkable draw to the Ocean.

When I finally moved from Virginia to Massachusetts, I lived in Concord – a beautiful and historic town, but yet I was always running every chance I got to Cape Cod.  For me, it was clear, I possessed an inexplicable draw to the sea.  I need to be there.

What I was about to discover was the fulfillment of those sports that take you to the water in the most extraordinary ways.  First, it was windsurfing.  Not an easy sport to learn, but gradually break-throughs were made and the addiction began.  I remember Robin, with whom I worked at IFAW, jumping on board with lessons and then frantically racing out from work every windy day – we sailed with the best of them – Matt, Eric, Jerry – but what was most rewarding were the women getting on board, too – Janice, Karen and Des.

Des and Cathleen

Then, for me, came the surfing.  Matt and I would religiously make our pilgrimages to WhiteCrest, where we’d take left after left.  Many surfers would give me tips and I’d struggle along.  Then came Barb, queen of the surf, and ever so dedicated, and her pals, Mark and Eileen and a whole new crew emerged with more dedication to surf than bees have to their queen.

Just to add another element, kiting emerged out of the frustration of too few days that blow 20 plus to make windsurfing fun.  Together, Matt and I struggled through lessons, c-kites, beach drags.  It wasn’t easy and Matt had too many other things on his plate.  Lo and behold a group of women came out to the sand to save me, help me, and show me the ropes – Holly, Lisa, Des, Lauren, etc.

Kiting Friends pendant by Forest Beach Design

This brings me to my point.  From these exhilarating and rather addictive sports comes something even more special – very dear friendships.  I haven’t been able to figure it out entirely, but I think it is that all of us share a bond, a way of looking at life and living that brought us to these sports and to the ocean, and maybe, it is that shared perspective that fosters remarkable friendships.  Think about it, we share moments of great exhilaration, pink evening skies in summer, shimmering sunsets, whale and dolphin sitings, soaring with birds, and the laughter of a remarkable time together – if this doesn’t make for great friendships, I don’t know what does….

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