Cape Cod Wahines wind, wave, and kitesurfing

Can’t we all just get a long board?

Jerry Evans, kite, wave, and windsurfing (wahine) waterman


Let’s get it straight. Surfing is here to stay, windsurfing is here to stay and kitesurfing is here to stay. They are all the coolest sports you can do on the water. It’s that simple.

If  you surf you should do it when the conditions are right. Waves are glassy and clean without any wind or with light off shore winds. Don’t surf in choppy waves when there is wind. It’s dumb, Go windsurfing or kitesurfing.

If you kitesurf do it when the conditions are right; on a slick or in waves. Kitesurfing in chop sucks. If it is choppy go windsurfing.

If you windsurf do it when the conditions are right. Good bump and jump, waves what ever. Don’t waste a good ground swell and practice freestyle in some bay. If there are waves get on it!!

If it’s blowing 15mph go kitesurfing. If it’s blowing 20-30 mph go kitesurfing or windsurfing. If it’s blowing 30+ mph gowindsurfing.

Doing a sport in the wrong conditions is not cool. What is cool is being able to make use of the conditions mother nature throws at you. When Jaws is breaking you will not find Laird Hamilton down at kitebeach trying to do a front- mobe to blind.

There is nothing cool about limiting yourself to one sport and bashing on the sports you can’t do.

  • If you only surf you are “Just a surfer.”
  • If you only kite you are “Just a kiter”.
  • If you only windsurf you are “Just a windsurfer”.
  • If you can do them all you are a Water-man or Water-woman.

We are all in search of the perfect ride. The more flexible you are the better chances you will have finding the perfect ride.

Share the stoke……

or stay the hell out of Chatham.

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