Cape Cod Wahines wind, wave, and kitesurfing

Wahine Spotlight on: Kay Slater, founder of the Cape Cod Wahines

Kay Slater

Windsurfing since:


Kitesurfing since:

This year, I hope.

Surfing since:

Last year, thanks to my Wahine sistahs! (2005)

Favorite beach for each:

I like to windsurf at West Dennis because I’m still working on my jibes and it’s pretty flat there; I like to surf the Outer Beach because it’s so beautiful and the kids love it there; I think it looks great to kitesurf at Chapin at low tide when you can play around the sand bars — but we’ll see. I’m still flyin’ the trainer kite!

Land life:

My husband, Scott, and I live in Harwich, MA with our two kids, Ben (age 4), and Hannah (age 2), who are definitely growing up to be a water boy and teeny wahine. I also started a hiking group for kids and a small political discussion group for women.

Where and why did you start windsurfing/surfing?

Scott was into it and it looked fun, so I tried it out while I was on vacation in Puerto Rico and I was hooked!

Wahine Wisdom for newbies:

If you’re learning to windsurf, stick with it through the uphauling phase and learn to water start — you’ll feel like a whole new world has opened up to you then! Also, find good, fun friends to sail/surf with and you’ll feel braver and have more fun out there!

Favorite non-wahine activities:

Tennis, Pilates, and hiking with my family on the beach in the winter.

Where have you traveled to windsurf/surf/kite?

Aruba, Margarita, So Padre Island, Hatteras, Florida, NH (Brrrrrrrrr…), Jersey shore, Long Island, CT, anywhere we could find a safe launch and other sailors!

Ever compete? Wanna try?

Not yet, but I’d love to race someday!

Name one or two wahines who have most influenced your windsurfing/surfing/kiting. How?

Petra (Kanz) has really inspired me to sail correctly and I hear her voice in my head when I’m trying to work on something. And, I’d have to say all my wahine sistahs — they have such enthusiasm for surfing and sailing and it makes it so much fun to get out together!

Do you have a favorite piece of equipment?

I love all my stuff — I recommend that girls invest in the best, lightest equipment they can afford — it really makes sailing more fun!

What do you like best about CCW?

I love seeing all the girls out on the water together — surfing, sailing, whatever — everyone cheering each other on and helping each other out… and I love seeing the newbies really getting out there and improving — they’re really an inspiration to me too!